Syble XB-S80BT Imager 2D Barcode Scanner

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Syble XB-S80T

Imager 2D Barcode Scanner

High Quality:

The 2d bluetooth wireless barcode scanner is our hot-selling item, best handheld qr barcode reader can read various 1d & 2d barcode for inventory. Anti-fall and anti-seismic design, can withstand many times 3m drops. Inventory barcode scanner adopt high-technology design, the bottom of the base can slide up and down, easy to use, plug and play.

The Syble XB-S80T is a high-quality 2D Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner, designed for efficient and reliable inventory management. Its advanced features and sturdy construction make it a popular choice among businesses seeking a versatile handheld QR barcode reader.

One of the standout features of the XB-S80T is its ability to interpret various 1D and 2D barcodes, including EAN, UPC, Code 39, QR Code, Data Matrix, PDF417, and more. This broad compatibility ensures it can handle a wide range of products and items with ease.

The device offers seamless connectivity, allowing it to be directly paired with mobile phonestablet computers, and laptops equipped with Bluetooth technology. With a wireless transmission distance of up to 100 meters, users can enjoy the freedom to move around their workspace without being tethered to a fixed location.

A noteworthy aspect of the XB-S80T is its substantial data storage capacity, capable of storing about 512,000 characters. This ensures that even during periods of disconnection, data is automatically stored and can be retrieved later, avoiding any loss of important information. Additionally, the inventory storage mode allows users to enter inventory mode and store large volumes of data for effective management.

The design of the XB-S80T focuses on durability and usability. It incorporates an anti-fall and anti-seismic design, making it resilient to accidental drops of up to 3 meters. The base of the scanner can slide up and down, providing ergonomic convenience and ensuring a user-friendly experience.

With its touch charging base, the scanner can be easily recharged without the need for cumbersome cables. The lithium battery with a capacity of 2200mA ensures a working time of up to 6 hours, and the charging time is relatively short at 3.5 hours.

Physically, the XB-S80T is compact, measuring 86.5mm137mm168mm, and relatively lightweight at 233.9g. The body is constructed using durable ABS+PC materials, making it both sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.

The scanner’s performance is impressive, with a scan precision of ≥5mil, allowing for accurate and quick barcode reading. Its scan angles of Yaw65°, Rotation 360°, and Pitch60° provide flexibility in capturing barcodes from various orientations.

Operating within a wide temperature range of -20℃ to 50℃, and a storage temperature range of -40℃ to 70℃, the XB-S80T is suitable for use in diverse environments. Its shock resistance capability, withstanding multiple drops from 1.5 meters onto concrete, adds to its reliability.

In summary, the Syble XB-S80T is a feature-rich, durable, and efficient 2D barcode scanner that offers seamless wireless connectivity, extensive data storage, and excellent scan precision. Whether for inventory management or point-of-sale applications, this handheld scanner proves to be a reliable and versatile tool for businesses of various sizes.