Seething 3068TM 17” Inch Point Of Sale Touch Monitor

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Seething 3068TM

17” Inch Point Of Sale Touch Monitor

The Seething 3068tm is a 17-inch capacitive touch monitor designed for use in various settings, including point-of-sale systems, interactive kiosks, and other applications that require touch functionality. Here’s a description of the monitor:

The Seething 3068tm features a 17-inch display with a 4:3 screen ratio, offering a balanced aspect ratio suitable for displaying a wide range of content. The resolution of 1280×1024 ensures clear and detailed visuals, allowing users to view information, graphics, and images with clarity.

With its capacitive touch technology, the monitor offers a responsive and accurate touch experience. Users can interact with the screen using their fingers or a stylus, making it intuitive and convenient for navigating menus, inputting data, or selecting options.

The monitor supports multiple input interfaces for connectivity options. It includes VGA and HDMI ports, allowing compatibility with various devices such as computers, point-of-sale systems, or media players. Additionally, the monitor requires a 12V 3.0A DC power input for operation.

Overall, the Seething 3068tm is a versatile 17-inch touch monitor that combines responsive touch functionality, clear visuals, and flexible connectivity options. It is an ideal choice for businesses or applications that require an interactive and reliable display solution.


Model: 3068tm

17″ capacitive touch monitor

Resolution –1280*1024

Screen ratio: 4:3

Input power: 12v 3.0a dc

Input interface: vga+hdmi, dc